A true story of true love and true pirates.

When a common sailor is forbidden to marry the high-born love of his life, he defies the ruling class to become one the wealthiest pirates ever to live. On his return from a long and perilous journey, just three miles from the shores of his beloved, he and his crew face the greatest storm of their lives. 


Sam Bellamy, a low-born sailor working on the docks of cape cod meets and falls in love with the beautiful and wealthy Maria Hallet. When her father refuses to let them marry, Sam decides to seek his fortune, swearing to Maria that he will return with a boat full of gold to whisk her away to a private paradise. He sails south in the hopes of finding and scavenging the wreck of a Spanish galleon rumored to have littered the seafloor with gold off the coast of Florida. He arrives to find the site picked clean and has no other choice but to become a pirate in order to scratch out a living. Sam is taken under the wing of the infamous pirate, Benjamin Hornigold, and when Sam shows promise he is promoted to captain of his own ship above Hornigold’s other protégé Edward Teach (a.k.a. Blackbeard).


Soon Sam builds a small pirate fleet and there on this floating democracy, Sam leads his crew to win prize after prize with an array of clever tactics that earn him the reputation of “Rob Hood of the Seas.” Back home Maria discovers that she is pregnant with Sam’s child and her father throws her out of the house. She is forced to take up residence in an old shack on the cliffs overlooking the sea where she watches for the return of her beloved and ultimately gives birth to a boy. One day, her baby is discovered dead one day by a nearby farmer. With no witnesses to prove otherwise, Maria is tried and convicted for murder, though time and again she escapes from her prison cell only to find her way to the cliffs to wait for Sam. With their boats riding low in the water, weighed down with gold and jewels, Sam and his small fleet finally sail north to establish a pirate kingdom and retire as rich men. On the way, Sam takes a detour toward Cape Cod to fulfill his promise to Maria.


Three miles off the coast, he and his crew are caught in the greatest storm any of them have ever seen. Sam orders his crew to abandon ship, but when he realizes his cabin boy John is trapped beneath decks, Sam sacrifices himself to save him. Maria, who had been watching the drama unfold from her high, sandy perch rushes down to search the beach for her lover. Instead she finds John, barely breathing with a pocket full of gold. The only connection she has to Sam, Maria nurses John back to health and raises him as her own. And though Sam Bellamy is said to have died that night… the legend goes that one day a strangely dressed man found Maria playing with her son under the tree where she first met Sam. Nobody can prove who the man was – all they know is that the the three of them were never heard from again.