New York City hosts an underground tap hip-hop dance scene lead by a reluctant young African American prodigy who falls for a Broadway girl from the other side of the tracks. 


Like most classical dance styles, tap is a lineage. And for one young black protege hustling the New York City dance scene, that lineage aches to be broken. Bo, handsome and incredibly talented, refuses to teach at his family's famous tap studio in Harlem -- he just wants to dance. However, when his grandmother falls ill, he reluctantly agrees to step in and take over some classes, and in the process meets a beautiful Broadway girl touching up on her skills. Despite constant butting heads, they fall in love and take on the underground hoofing (tap infused hip hop) scene together. Eventually, Bo learns that his love isn't dirt broke like she claimed to be, but is from the Upper East side and flush with cash. This is more than a dance film -- it's an exploration of race, economic disparity, and following your dreams.  


This film incorporates the spirit of films like FAME, DIRTY DANCING, and SAVE THE LAST DANCE with the interracial and economic disparity elements of LOVING and THE NOTEBOOK.


Dave Scott will be choreographing - known for his incredible work on: STOMP THE YARD, the STEP UP series,  SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, and dozens of other dance films throughout his decades in the industry.

Trevor Jackson is in talks to star as Bo, and known for BURNING SANDS, BLACK-ISH, and AMERICAN CRIME.

Gerard McMurray is in talks to direct the film, and known for directing BURNING SANDS and FRUITVALE STATION.

 Dave Scott

Dave Scott

 Trevor Jackson

Trevor Jackson

 Gerard McMurray

Gerard McMurray


Password - NewRenSlate8

STATUS - In development

BUDGET - $5-8 mil

MODEL - Indie/Dance

ASSETS - Dave Scott, Trevor Jackson, Gerard McMurray

CREATIVE OVERVIEW - Fame meets Save the Last Dance


FINANCIALS - Seeking equity in first position 20% premium into a 50/50 split