crown heights

How Far Would you go for justice?

The 2017 Sundance 'Audience Choice Award' winning film. In select theaters now.

When Colin Warner was wrongfully convicted of murder, his best friend Carl King devoted his life to proving his innocence. He reinvestigated the murder and uncovered the police misconduct that led to his conviction. This is the extraordinary story of their harrowing quest for justice.

Colin Warner’s story first received widespread public attention in 2005 after Anya Bourg reported on it for Ira Glass’s popular weekly radio program, This American Life.  The episode detailed Warner’s mental fortitude during his incarceration, and illuminated the pivotal role his close friend Carl King played in his exoneration.  With no formal legal training, King mounted a decades-long legal battle to prove his friend’s innocence, ultimately leading to Warner’s release in 2001. 

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During his time in prison, Colin tried his best to stay out of trouble. But his mounting disbelief at his wrongful incarceration fueled violent fights and extreme behavior met with even more extreme punishments. All the while, he nurtured a love affair with a woman from his past, Antoinette, and they eventually fell in love and married in the prison. Carl and Colin were in constant communication as Carl fought for Colin's freedom, and Colin was offered parol many times by the court if he would simply admit guilt for the crime he was accused of, which he refused to do because it wasn't the truth.

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This is not only a story about a corrupt legal system, polluted prison system, and racism of the highest order, but also of hope, of love, and of fighting for what is right.