curt flood

"a well paid slave is, nevertheless, still a slave."


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Curt Flood is one of the unsung heroes of major league baseball. What Jackie Robinson started, Flood finished for all players.

Flood was a renaissance man - he was an artist, a musician, and a menace on the mound. He was adored by his teammates as he rose to baseball stardom. But as often happens, he was soon up to his neck in debt and the pressure was mounting. In a devastating turn of events, Flood made a crucial mistake in game seven of his second World Series and was traded, uprooted from his life in St. Louis. Flood decided to sue the MLB. 


Back and forth from fleeing the US, to returning to baseball a broken alcoholic, Flood martyred his own career for the benefit of all baseball. When he tried to return to his prolific painting career, it was discovered that he was a fraud -- he had been sending photographs to another painter and taking the credit (and the cash.) Under appreciated in his time, Flood died of throat cancer at the age of 59. His legacy, though tainted, is commemorated by The Curt Flood Act of 1998, which finalized the free agency system -- what Flood was fighting for all along.

The film will chronicle Flood's fight against irony and racism in professional sports as well as the creation of the free agency system in a docu/drama style.


STATUS - In development

BUDGET - $15-25 mil

MODEL - Sports/Drama

ASSETS - Nnamdi Asomugha



FINANCIALS - Seeking equity in first position 20% premium into a 50/50 split