The incredible true story of how Dock Ellis, a black pitcher who sailed his way up to the major leagues in the late-1960's, pitched a legendary no-hitter high as a kite on LSD.


Snapped out of a bender in his hometown of Los Angeles with a fuming phone call from the Pittsburgh Pirate's manager, Dock realized he missed an entire day and was late to play the Padres in San Diego that day. This film is a wild ride examining Dock's childhood and rise to pitching stardom out of the minor league and into the Majors, and his eventual decline into drug and alcohol abuse and how he crawled back out from under it.


Dock grew up in South Central Los Angeles at a time when gang activity and racism ran very high. After the death of his father, he was mentored by a close family friend who pushed him to his limits and encouraged him to play for white teams, despite Dock's resentment toward the way he was treated. As a youngster, he stayed clear from drugs, though all his friends were smoking and drinking, until he was eventually signed to the majors pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates and substance abuse ran rampant. 

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An extremely hilarious and attractive element of the film is that we witness and experience Dock's tripped out escapades alongside him, and see the story through his LSD lens. This provides a great opportunity for animation and crazy outlandish scenes peppered throughout the film, since Dock is high most of the time!


The film also includes Dock as narrator, and we discover at the end that Dock is telling this story to a group of inmates. In real life, after he retired and finally sobered up, Dock began speaking in AA/NA meetings, prisons, and coordinated his own substance-abuse rehab program.

DOCK ELLIS & THE LSD NONO - Animated Short Film presented by no mas

Columbus Short is attached to star as Dock Ellis. Short is known for his work in STOMP THE YARD, and SCANDAL with Kerry Washington. 


STATUS - In development with script

BUDGET - $3-5 mil

MODEL - Indie/ Historical/ Comedy

ASSETS - Columbus Short

CREATIVE OVERVIEW - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets 42

DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY - Indie with potential negative pickup

FINANCIALS - Seeking equity in first position 20% premium into a 50/50 split

TIMEFRAME - September 2017