reality building

Episode 1 of the Franchise

A  fear-­based reality show becomes all too  real when a recovering schizophrenic  and  six  other  contestants  discover  the  deadly  intentions  of their charming  host.

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Believing they have been selected for a hot new reality show, Harper and six other strangers arrive by limousine at a large abandoned building. Their charismatic host, Jasper, welcomes them to enter "Reality Building" - a game where they must ascend, floor by floor, obstacle by obstacle, to the building's only exit through the roof. At stake: one million dollars.  After seeing the first contestant executed before their eyes, Harper and the others soon realize that, in this game, elimination is permanent. As they fight to outlast the demonic terror of Jasper's fun house, their humanity is tested when they must vote off team members or suffer the verdicts of Jasper's whimsical games of chance. Their hope dwindles with their numbers, until only Harper is left to face the coldly maniacal Jasper in a savage struggle for survival.  







Thrust  into  the  immersive  world  of  Jasper’s  wicked imagination,  the  contestants  confront  mortal  danger  at  every  turn.    More  than  that,  their psychological torture is brought  to  a  boil  in  the  “safe-rooms”  at  the  end  of  each  floor,  where  they  must  choose  between  sacrifice  and  survival.   For  them,  this is  not a  show, but  a  primal  struggle  fueled  by  unbridled fear.

Harper, a recently freed patient from the Riverside mental institution, discovers floor by floor that she possesses supernatural abilities which had been misdiagnosed as schizophrenia. She soon begins to unearth the truth – that this whole game was designed for her by Jasper, with the sole intention of awakening her powers and to free her from the shackles of humanity. Tackling themes such as identity, self-aggression, and guilt, with the witty sarcasm and humor of films like Tropic Thunder and Scream, this film reveals that you cannot accept the reality others force upon you, you must build your own.


Reality  Building  is  a  wild  ride,  from  start  to  finish.    With  thrills  and  chills,  it  promises  to  deliver  what  every  genre  fan  is  looking  for  and  then some. With  the  tongue-­in-­cheek  wit  of  SCREAM with a TROPIC THUNDER-esque reality twist,  the  horror  elements  of  SAW,  and  the  pace  of  QUARANTINE... the  action  is  fast  and  fun.   

STATUS - In development with script

BUDGET - 5-10 mil

MODEL - Genre/Thriller/Horror

ASSETS - Columbus Short, Dave Scott

CREATIVE OVERVIEW - Cabin in the Woods meets Hunger Games and Shawn of the Dead

DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY - Negative Pickup with Screen Gems

FINANCIALS - Seeking equity in first position 20% premium into a 50/50 split



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