untitled BANKER project

the american dream is not colorblind

The true story of the first African American to own banks in the U.S. who had to hire a white front man and pose as a janitor to broker deals.

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As a young man growing up in rural Texas in the 1940s, Bernard Garrett had to learn about racism the hard way. But with a thirst for knowledge and determined to make a better life for himself, he moved to Los Angeles and began buying up undervalued property to rent to middle class black folks. He teamed up with businessman Joe Morris and began brokering deals all around the city.  With their sights set on purchasing the biggest and highest valued building in LA, the Banker's Building, the hired their friend and handyman Matt Steiner to be the face of the deal, and they succeeded, posing as chauffeurs and janitors while Matt shook the powerful hands.


As Matt became more informed on the math and science behind real estate finance, he gained unbridled confidence and began brokering deals for himself, anxious to no longer be the front man but to actually own a piece of the pie. Unfortunately, his knowledge wasn't developed enough to protect himself, or his friends, from trouble with the FBI. Accused of fraud and facing jail time, Matt is confronted with an ultimatum: does he take the blame for his own mistakes? Or does he save himself and sell out his friends.

UNTITLED BANKER PROJECT is a heist movie on accident. Utilizing the scheming elements of films like OCEAN'S 11, the financial aspect of THE BIG SHORT, and the persistent racism of films like THE BUTLER, it's an in depth look at the depths people went to for equality against all odds in a marketplace that wholeheartedly rejected them.


Avy Kaufman is the best casting director in the business, famous for casting Steven Spielberg movies.

George Nolfi wrote the screenplay and is set to direct the film. Nolfi is known for: THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM, OCEAN'S 12, AND THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, amongst others.

Anthony Mackie is an award winning actor and is attached to star as Bernard Garrett. He is known for his work in: THE AVENGERS series (as Falcon), THE HURT LOCKER, and NIGHT CATCHES US as well as many others. 


 George Nolfi

George Nolfi

 Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie


STATUS - Pre-Production

BUDGET - $15-25 mil

MODEL - Historic/Drama/Comedy

ASSETS - Avy Kaufman, George Nolfi, Anthony Mackie, Nnamdi Asomugha

CREATIVE OVERVIEW -  The Big Short, Ocean's 11, The Butler


FINANCIALS - Seeking equity in first position 20% premium into a 50/50 split

TIMEFRAME - January 2018